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General FAQ

How can I find out when new Sayuri products are being launched?
We announce new product launches on our facebook page and instagram account. You can also join our mailing list by filling in the form at the bottom of the website.

The product I want is out of stock, how will I know when it's restocked?
Any restocks will be announced on our facebook page. You can also choose to be notified by email when the item you want is restocked by going to the product listing and clicking on the notification link.

Do you ever have sales or promotions?
Occasionally, yes. The majority of sales and promotions are announced on our facebook page and instagram account, but you can also join our mailing list or Sayuri Sweethearts facebook group to gain access to VIP promotions. To join the mailing list fill in the form at the bottom of the website.

Do you send products to bloggers and vloggers for review, or supply products for giveaways/competitions?
Yes, however we have a monthly quota to adhere to and unfortunately can not supply everyone who contacts us with product. If you would like to be considered for reviews please fill in our blogger consideration form.
If you are interested in obtaining products as part of a prize for a giveaway or competition you are hosting please email us your request.

I am a retailer and I'm interested in stocking your products. How can I go about contacting you?
We are always open to forming partnerships with retailers, but will assess each request on a case by case basis. Please send us an email and we'll get back to you as soon as we can!

I've noticed that some of the name labels are different colours. Why is this?
We're sticklers for organisation and the name labels on the base of our bottles are colour coded by collection. Currently our Streets of Tokyo, Otherworldly and Sweet Tooth Collections are printed on blue labels, Crystal Dreams, Colourful Character and Alfheim on green labels, Speakeasy, Mesozoic and Svartalfheim on purple, Beyond The Shadows and Wanderlust on yellow, and our Special/Limited Edition polishes on pink. Care products are printed on grey labels.

Are your products animal/vegan friendly?
Yes! Our products contain no animal products and are not tested on animals.

What currency is used on the Sayuri website?
All prices are listed in Australian Dollars (AUD).